Bronzed Beauties: Tips, Tricks & Tanning

8 May 2013

Self tan is something that if you don’t get right, well it can just look so, so wrong. Whether you’re addicted to religiously applying the stuff in all seasons or whether you’re going to dabble in the bronzey good-stuff now it’s Summer (where are you sunshine?) – We’ve got the perfect range for you. tanned legs

Here at The London Perfume Company, we’ll only bring you products that are tried and tested by our resident beauty experts. We won’t let you buy something that really leaves you looking like a packet of streaky bacon – what good is that to anyone? We’ve carefully selected some beautiful self-tans that leaves you with a beautiful beach-ready bronze glow.

Self-tan also has major benefits:

self tan tips and tricks 

First you will need to choose a tan – (and then we’ll tell you how to expertly apply it for the best possible results) -

self tan 1Fake Bake Instant Tan Mousse [125ml - £19.99] is an extremely fast drying, easy to apply mousse which leaves an natural looking tan free from streaks. The transfer resistant formula helps to protect against stains and the all-natural tanning agents allow you to tailor your tan for increased luminosity or a more subtle glow.  


tan 2

 Lancome Flash Bronzer Self Tan Leg Gel - 125ml - £20.50

Give your legs a lovely sun-kissed glow with this refreshing gel that creates a natural looking healthy tan in antioxidants also help to protect your legs from damage.only 30 minutes. DHA and caramel extracts gives your legs an irresistible colour and antioxidants also help to protect your legs from damage.


                                       tan 3 medium dark

Palmer Cutler Self Tan is an easy to apply, streak free formula which dries in minutes and produces a natural looking healthy tan. Ideal for face and body and with no odour or tint, it also contains a collection of vitamins A, D and E to protect the skin from dryness. Choose between light/medium and medium/dark.

tan 4

 Piz Buin Self Tanning Lotion - 240ml - £10.50 (Currently Out of Stock - awaiting delivery!)

This dual set contains both a light and darker shade allowing you to customise your tan to your desired level. Both the spray and the lotion effectively hydrate the skin while the unique formula allows for an extremely natural looking tan without the problem of streaks or stains.


                                      fake bake fake bake

Fake Bake Beyond Bronze [125ml - £9.80] is an easy way to create a natural looking, temporary tan perfect for one off special occasions. The wonderfully smooth lotion uses all natural ingredients and contains no self-tanning agents, meaning skin will appear exactly as it was when washed off. Especially designed for light complexions, skin will appear luminous, look refined and be completely streak free. Choose from light and medium.

tan 5

 St Tropez Golden Glitter Puff - 4.5g - £15.99

Add a fun touch of glamour to your night out with St Tropez’s velvety soft puff ball, filled with dazzling gold glitter which coats the body to create a wonderful shimmering effect. Easily washes off.


 Chosen one? Good.... Now to put it on.... 

how to apply

[Preparation: Exfoliate your skin well in the shower beforehand]

1  Moisturise in the areas that are highlighted pink


These are your feet, knees (front and back), armpits (extending onto the chest), elbows (front and back), and your hands (palms, backs and inner wrists). If you want a really light tan, apply moisturiser all over.

2Wear tanning gloves or a tanning mit! Nobody likes orange palms. Then brush over the back of your hands at the end with your tan mit.


3TAN AWAY! Use even strokes and you’ll easily see where you have applied. applying fake bake

4If you are really pedantic, in between your fingers and on your collar bones are the areas that tan can be a giveaway. To avoid any major disasters mix one part tan with one part moisturiser in these areas for a really natural result. [Leave out your face].

5Now to tan your face! Use a cotton cosmetic pad to apply. Pump 1 of your face moisturiser and 1 pump of fake tan onto the pad and apply to your facial areas where you would put your foundation – even your neck, under your jaw line and around the ear area: get it all nice and even.

[REMEMBER: Use a clean cotton pad dipped in water and remove the tan from your eyebrow and upper-lip areas: this will avoid any fake-tan moustaches!]

Happy tanning!




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