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22 September 2014


Whether you like it or not winter is on the horizon. And with winter comes all kinds of potential hazards to your hair. So at TLPC we thought we’d compile together a few simple tips that’ll hopefully get your hair safely through these toughest of tests.

During the winter months your hair is exposed not only to sun damage but also to biting winds and ice-cold air, which is why it is so important to give your hair some added TLC.

One of the most effective and recommended ways of protecting your hair from potential damage is to use a deep conditioning treatment either once or twice a week. For thicker hair we’d recommend applying conditioner two inches from your scalp and gently pulling down towards the tips of your hair. For finer hair however a specially designed treatment such as this can be too heavy, and all it requires is a regular conditioner followed maybe by a leave-in conditioning spray. A very effective homemade way of adding some moisture back into your hair is to rub in a little olive oil whenever it is beginning to feel dry.

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Something as seemingly innocuous as drying your hair can also lead to significant damage, especially during winter. Rubbing your hair too vigorously with a towel can damage the follicle and blow-drying too often can cause extensive heat damage. Instead try just gently pressing a towel on your hair to blot out as much moisture as possible followed by the bare minimum of heat necessary to dry the hair. One important point to remember however is to always ensure your hair is fully dry before you leave the house as not only will wet hair potentially give you a cold but will also make hair extremely brittle and dry.

Shampooing is a year round activity for all of us but in winter it is important to remember a few things to help keep your hair looking its best. When shopping for a shampoo it is essential to avoid shampoo’s which contain paraben’s and sulphates as these can leave your hair feeling dry and irritated. Try to find a shampoo that contains natural cleansers and moisturisers such as shea butter and soy, as well as fatty acids and humectants which are the most effective way of keeping moisture in the hair. But, as with conditioning it is important to resist the urge to shampoo and condition everyday as this can wash away the hairs natural oils which are as important to your hair as any product.

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While we know you love shopping for winter boots and woolly hats we’re pretty sure none of you care much for the dreaded ‘hat hair’. For longer hair we'd recommend tying it up in a ponytail high on your head and for shorter hair it is best to pull the hair straight back before putting a hat on. You could also try wrapping your hair in a silk scarf first before putting a hat on to try and minimise the damage. A regular trim every six or so weeks can also remove any damaged or split ends and you could also try adding a humidifier in your house to try and keep some moisture in the air during the cold months.

With these few simple principles you should find yourself cursing your tired looking hair a lot less, and hopefully before you know it you’ll be shopping the spring/summer collections again with your luscious locks intact.

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