Boy's Toys! Gift Ideas for Men...

17 January 2014

We're all about the girls and admittedly, the female ratio at TLPC HQ wins hands down. But Valentine's Day is approaching and we guess, the guys could use a little treat...

Here are 3 top ideas for the man in your life that won't break the bank (and it's that kind of gift they'll really apreciate...)


1. Lacoste 12.12 Red 100ml

Firstly, this is available in Green, Blue and White here (A must see!).

Secondly, this is £33.99 from £47! Enough said really about one of the most popular men's fragrances this year. It was a HUGE hit at Christmas, so basically, if your man doesn't have this, he'll be well and truly left out.

We think it's just one of those trusty fragrances - Whether you've smelt it or not, you can guarantee he'll love it.


2. Lacoste Homme Facial Scrub 50ml

Now we hate to tarnish all men with one judgemental brush but, we happen to know that they're a little rubbish at skincare.. and they wonder why they look tired after a ten hour sleep!

This is something that certainly won't break the bank for you, but they'll be so grateful to receive. Even if they grunt and proclaim they'd never use it - we bet they'll be asking where you got this from after he's desperately squeezed the last bit out in no time!


3. Jaguar Umbrella

Perhaps one for the older men who actually do want to keep dry (or those young'ens with really good hair..)

At £12.99 from £25 - This umbrella is a very good seller!

What man doesn't want to own a Jaguar? They can take this golfing and pretend they left it at home...




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