Bond No 9 Release Their First Digital Fragrance

16 April 2013


Bond No 9 have released their first ‘digital’ fragrance! But this isn’t a clever APP than sprays out their beautiful scent.. unfortunately.

Cleverly named HTTP://WWW.BONDNO9.COM (yes that’s the actual name!...) the unisex fragrance has a 3D QR code that you can scan to buy it.

 The clever code will also be active to scan on advertisements – clever hey! Keeping the theme of this digital product, it won’t be available in stores – only online; which makes sense.

It does start with an RRP of $250 – so you’d have to be sure about this one!

If only they would invent scented apps!.... Maybe soon?

Although we don't stock this one in the UK yet, The London Perfume Company does boast a huge collection of Bond No 9.


You can find our beautiful range of Bond No 9 here:

coney bond bond

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