Blue Monday? Six Ways to Cheer Yourself up!

20 January 2014

January is the year of rain, debt and divorce. Depressing huh? 

Here are six ways to cheer your sorry self up..

1. Instant mood-enhancers; Your senses.

That smell of coffee in the morning, the fresh crisp air when you step outside and that spray of your favourite fragrance; these are all mood-enhancing smells. Your senses are very sensitive (especially in the morning) so take advantage and brighten your mood as much as you can.

The only blues we want to see around here are beautiful bottles of blue scents. If you type in the colour that best matches your mood into our search bar here, we'll come up with some suggestions to match!


2. Wear bright clothing!

Ditch the black, pull out that red dress or the pink shirt, it'll instantly not only lift your mood but, it will cheer up other around you!


3. Exercise!

We all know that exercise has a MILLION AND ONE benefits. If a run in the dark hours of the morning doesn't sound appealing, do some squats while you're waiting for the kettle to boil in the morning or take the stairs instead of the lift. There's no excuse not to get your heart-rate going a little bit... and it makes you fitter, healthier, look better, helps you sleep, gives you positive endorphins... *goes on to write a million amazing things about exercise*


4. Plan and Organise.

Setting goals, making plans and organising the big things in life can help alleviate stress in your life. It's obvious!

Work - write a to do list every morning, make it achievable 

Home - Write a weekly plan to sort your family schedule out

Leisure - Make time for your hobbies. If you're a blogger, a reader, a runner; make sure you set aside time for yourself on a calendar!


5. Give yourself a giggle!

Laughing is the best form of medicine!

Surround yourself with positive, happy and funny people. Follow comedians on Twitter, avoid sitting next to the grumpy man on the tube and book some tickets for your local comedy club. They are usually free-to very cheap!

6. Invest in a new fragrance 

This is the simplest way to infuse pleasure into your daily life!
Paul Smith Optimistic for men is now just £16.99 from £34.00 - Shop Now.

Clinique Happy for ladies is now £24.99 from £27.50 - Shop Now.


So cheer up!

Don't be sucked into the January blues 

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