Beauty is in the eye of... your BOSS?

5 October 2012

Research from Debenhams’ Beauty Hall has revealed that it takes just 30 seconds for interviewers to make up their minds about a candidate. Scary huh?


That’s why here at The London Perfume Company, we want to make sure you’re doing all you can to bag that dream job! Imagine if a beauty blunder [that you weren’t even aware of] could have cost you that second interview or even stopped you from getting that job offer you’ve been waiting for?

- Cosmetic catastrophes [to AVOID]
- Chipped nails
- Split ends
- Smudged mascara

Interviewers say the first thing they notice is your nails when they shake your hand. Make a good impression and tidy those tips! Split ends indicate laziness and smudged mascara just says you came straight to the interview from a party…

- Beauty blunders [NOT to do]
- Bright red lipstick
- Heavily pencilled eyebrows
- Overpowering perfume

A job interview is not the best time to experiment with a new shade of bus red. Avoid using anything too full-on as over-confidence isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Once you have the job, by all means – go ahead – but for now; keep it simple.

- Decorative disasters [to learn from]
- Fake tan
- Absent mascara
- Lipstick on teeth

Fake tan (especially too many layers) can look a bit too, errm, TOWIE, so keep it natural and use a tinted moisturiser for the ‘I-care-about-my-appearance-but-would-rather-have-this-job-than-go-to-ibiza-to-party – look’.

Absent mascara hints at a potential emotional wreck who won’t invest time in applying what inevitably will be cried off.

Lipstick on teeth – well, enough said – take a small mirror to double check just before you go in to the interview.

All in all, your beauty-routine is just as important as what you wear in this dog-eat-dog interview world.

The main thing to take from this, is your scent. You won’t go wrong if you smell lovely. Knock ‘em dead!

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