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17 May 2013

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Air conditioning, early mornings, people in and out the room; if you work in an office, it can really take its toll on your skin. The London Perfume Company have rounded up the best beauty desk essentials so that you can stay groomed and looking fresh all day!

From handcream to compact foundation, TLPC have it all for you! Ideal for a quick freshen up after lunch or even for that desk to dinner date transition: These should always be within an arms-length away!

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 MaxFactor Facefinity Compact - £9.99

This is the perfect touch up for the office - complete with mirror and an applicator; reduce the shine and look glowing in the right way.


YSL Touche Eclat - £21.99

A classic product - perfect to hide those bags from your boss. What dark circles? Nope, not on me! 

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officeElizabeth Arden High Shine Lip Gloss Tropicoral - £7.99

Your lips will probably get drier as the air con and heating go on and off - a good coat of lipgloss will stop them drying out! 

MaxFactor Erace Concealer - £5.99

The less expensive version of a YSL touche eclat - Cover up your dark circles so you look ready for the day!




Clinique Travel Club Powder & Lipstick - £22.99


 The perfect duo! A powder compact with applicator and mirror to touch up that shine and a beautiful lipstick.   




Max Factor Creme Puff -  £5.99

Touch up that shine. Look flawless. 


Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Skin Cream - £50ml

 8 hour skin cream can be used for a million different things! It really is a miracle product. Ask anyone!office


 Conran Hand Cream - £10.99

All that typing, washing hands, shaking hands and ofcourse that air conditioning will definitely create a bad case of dry hands. Keep them soft and full of moisture with this amazing hand cream. 




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