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28 May 2014

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Okay so the weather isn't that great today - but hey, it's the UK.

When you jet off on your holidays this summer, you won't have to think about the rain at all - you'll be thinking of which bits to carry in your beach bag (or sneak into your friends... what?! you have to carry the lilos!)

Here are four top products you should definitely make a beach bag essential!

1. Rodial Stemcell Super-food Glam Lip Balm



whyDry lips are NOT good, in fact they are very annoying. The sun dries them up so quickly, especially when you're in and out of water all the time. Keep your lips full of moisture with this Rodial balm designed especially for dehydrated lips. It prides itself on nourishing and restoring upset pouts. MWah!


2. Nikki Beach After Sun 150ml



It goes without saying that carrying sun cream is a MUST! Lots of people forget to pack the after sun in all the excitement of hope for a tan. Well, we're here to remind you - PACK THE AFTER SUN!

Spending long days at the beach is tough on your skin. On your way to the restaurant or just waiting around while the sun goes down, apply the after sun as soon as you can - your skin will thank you for it.

This Nikki Beach after sun is cheap, cheerful and effectively cools your skin after skin exposure so you won't peel and your tan will stick around for much longer!


3. Collistar Acqua Super-Tanning Water 400ml


collistar sun care

whyTanning Water?! We hear you cry - Yes that's what we thought. It's not actual water, it's a magical formula of essential oils and extracts which help speed up the tanning process. This Collistar 400ml bottle of excellent also protects you from harmful UV rays and we love it because of the handy spray nozzle. A definite MUST-HAVE!


4. Rodial Brazilian Tan CLEAR




WELL - We hear a lot of "omg need to get on a sun bed before holiday" and "aghh i'm so pale i need to get my skin used to the sun, let's sun bed". NOOOO! UV Rays are so harmful and too many can not only be bad for your health but they can make your skin so dry, aging and wrinkly (boo hiss!).

So, in preparation for your beach-ready self, let yourself find Rodial Brazilian Tan gel. Trust us when we say, it is AMAZING. It's already selling so fast and we're not surprised at this price.

This fabulous self-tan from Rodial contains a clear gel formula which is designed to slowly build up a subtle sun-kissed tan without any streaks or patches. The exceptionally light texture is instantly absorbed and the addition of pomegranate ellagic tannins helps to tone and refine the skin.



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