A Splash of Purple in your Beauty Regime!

2 October 2014

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PURPLE: It doesn't rhyme with anything but it's a pretty gorgeous colour.

purple splodge


We love using colours that we're a bit scared of.

Sometimes it's easy to stick to what you know, going for classic pink lipsticks and neutral eyeshadows, but now and again, to be adventurous with shades like purple, that's when we feel most exhilirated!


Shop below for our top four pretty purple picks!


Thierry Mugler Alien

£54.73 - Shop Now >

D&G Purple Pear Lipstick

£22.99 - Shop Now >

Nip + FAB Yoga Blend

£7.99 - Shop Now >

Tangle Teezer Purple Crush

£11.49 - Shop Now >


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