A Fragrance Fit For A President

20 August 2013

eight & bob

 To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK, the former president’s signature fragrance, Eight & Bob, has been reissued especially to mark the occasion. The story of how this came to be his fragrance of choice is an interesting one, and reveals a lot about his unique character and way with people.

Back in 1937 a young John Fitzgerald Kennedy was a student touring the French Riviera in a convertible, who happened to cross paths with a young man named Albert Fouquet.

Fouquet was the son of an aristocrat, and something of an amateur perfumer. After speaking with Fouquet for a short while, JFK became captivated with the young man’s fragrance, and after enquiring about it found that it was the Frenchman's own design.

Employing his typical charm JFK managed to persuade Albert to leave a sample of the fragrance with him, which he took with him back to the states. Shortly after Albert received a letter from JFK thanking him for the gesture, and also requested that he send eight more bottles, “and if your production allows, one more for Bob”. Bob was JFK’s brother, but Albert didn’t know this.

jfk quote

After Albert had managed to find bottles good enough for his fragrance, he shipped the bottles to America with the title, Eight & Bob.

The title was taken from JFK’s request in the letter, and to Albert’s surprise he soon started to receive letters from Hollywood stars such as Cary Grant and James Stewart, who had discovered the fragrance through JFK’s father, who had ties to the movie industry from past business dealings.

Unfortunately the fragrances life was cut short when Albert Fouquet was tragically killed in a car crash in the spring of 1939, and the outset of the second world war shortly after meant that the formula and the remaining bottles had to be carefully hidden in cut out books, to avoid being seized by the Nazis.

Thankfully today the formula along with the careful production process has been fully recovered, and can be enjoyed again by whoever wants a little piece of history. 

We hope this was an interesting little read for you, and if you would like to try the fragance you can find it Here.


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