A brief history of Reno

6 February 2015

Despite being thought of as a quintessential Frenchman, Jean Reno was actually born in Casblanca, Morocco to Spanish parents who had fled Spain to escape the harsh Franco dictatorship. Picking up French from the locals, Reno came to France at the age of 17 to pursue acting. He studied acting and also served in the French military to gain his full citizenship.


On the set of Leon with director Luc Besson and co-star Natalie Portman.

Best known in cinema for his long-time partnership with director Luc Besson, the two first came together for Bessons first feature-length film, The Last Battle. Since then the pair have established a fruitful working relationship, working together on some of their most memorable films including Subway, Nikita and Leon.


Hard to imagine anyone other than Hugo Weaving in the iconic role of Agent Smith in the Matrix, but Jean Reno actually turned down the role as he did not want to spend the necessary shooting time from his family.

After the cult success of Leon, Reno landed supporting roles in a couple of huge blockbusters including Mission Impossible and Godzilla. Reno himself has said that his strong accent limited the roles he was offered, but he continues to act in both English and French being more recently seen in the Da Vinci Code and The Pink Panther films.

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