8 Top Ideas for Your Guy This Christmas

26 November 2013

Shopping for that lucky guy this Christmas?...  Be it your Husband, Boyfriend, Relative or just your Friend...?

Well if you’re looking for gift ideas on what to buy the man in your life this Christmas, you’ve come to the right place!



 Why not treat him to this elegant 2008 Paco Rabanne edition 1 Million for £52.00?... (Warning: you may be fighting them off him with a stick though).......


But maybe that doesn’t tickle your fancy...... no?  Then how about this 90ml Hugo Boss in white, Motion edition for the miniscule price of only £37.99..... Bargain!

ballMaybe you don’t want to spend too much? If these two aren’t what you were thinking, or they’re slightly above your price range, don’t panic because you’re still in luck! Whoever he is he’ll definitely love this 90ml bottle of Pour Lui by Oscar De La Renta, cut back from £45.00, now for the jaw dropping price of £18.70!



Does the man in your lift struggle to keep up with his morning routine? Maybe he’s fighting a losing battle against the clock and just can’t find time to get ready before work;

 We all know what they’re like! Well now you don’t have to worry with this pocket folding comb you can keep your man looking fresh on the go!  £3.50



If he’s having trouble getting up in the morning, then how about this funky satzum alarm clock with built in temperature measure. For just £18.00!


 Men, no matter how easy it gets they will always find something to complain about! If your ears are constantly throbbing from listening to him waffle on about his “Man Flue”....



 ...Then You need to take action! Why not buy him this incredible Everything Chair, to sooth his whingeing? Let him sit back and relax with everything he needs built into this chair.





We all know men always want to feel important...... so why not make him feel important this Christmas with this personalized stainless steel tanker, just for him!  

coatWinters rolling in and its going to get nippy! So how about this Khaki hooded parker coat to keep him warm? For the slim price of £80.00, in a range of diverse sizes XS-XXXXL.



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