6 Ways to Make Your Hair Thicker and Longer, Faster.

18 February 2015

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If we told you there really are ways to make your hair thicker and longer would you believe us?

We tried and tested a million ways, so here goes:

1. Trim Your Hair Every 8 Weeks

"So you have to cut your hair if you want it to grow?" - Male in Office.

Well, YES! Trimming your hair regularly will not make it grow faster but it will help it be healthier and maintain thicker, longer hair because it's getting rid of the nasty dry ends that are most-likely broken too. The more you trim, the healthier your locks will be!

FACT: Your hair grows roughly about half an inch a month whether you cut it or not.

^ So this means you need your ends to be in tip top condition if you want your hair to be even, thick and healthy any time soon.


People often forget that it's not always what you put on your body or what you cover it with, it's also incredibly important what you put IN your body. Water is no secret, it's proven and tested to be one of the greatest things ever to put in your body. Healthy body = healthy hair. Drink lots more!

3. Brush Again!

How many times do you brush your hair a day? Ever had a massage? - These two questions go together perfectly, we promise...

Well, massaging an area of the body is soothing because it circulates blood and get's it flowing and pumping better. So, in this respect, you need to circulate the blood in your head! While it might be lovely to fork out for a head massage everyday, or your better half might owe you a favour, simply brushing your hair more often than you do should do the trick. Twice in the morning and twice at night is what experts recommend for more circulation to the hair particles in the head - meaning eventually you'll get thicker, fuller hair! We're totally guilty of not brushing our head when we tie up our hair for bed, so we're keeping a brush on the bedside at all time from now!

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Sorry, one more thing, avoid brushing your hair when it's soaking wet. This is when your locks are most vulnerable and they'll snap at the slightest tug. Wait for your hair to dry a little, shake in a towel and run your fingers through first!

4. Potatoes and Vitamins?!

Yep, you heard us. OK we'll start with the most normal: vitamins...

Just like weak nails and teeth, vitamins are the key to keeping them strong. Did you know your hair is made of the same stuff your nails are? Vitamin B is vital for thick, luscious locks, along with optional amounts of Vitamin A and C.

Alternatively, you know the water left in the pan after you've boiled some potatoes? Well, errrr, this is actually jam-packed full of vitamins and the starch will fill your hair with volume. Rinse out thoroughly though, of course..

5. From now on, your scalp and your conditioner are ENEMIES!

One must always shampoo their scalp but conditioning your scalp is such a mistaker to maker. Many salon experts advise that directly conditioning the hair on your scalp tends to create flyaways, looking frizzy and messy, which means you'll straighten harder and add more product. eek! This is not good is you're trying to grow your hair longer and make it thicker.

Instead, imagine your hair in a pony tail - then only apply conditioner to the hair that comes after the bobble; the actual ponytail - THIS is where conditioner should be lavished!

6. Avoid Washing.*

*so much

Probably the weirdest advice we've ever given but please by all the means feel free to wash in general for the sake of your friendships and working relationships. We're talking about your hair of course. People think washing it daily is a neccessity in life but think how much damage you're doing with daily (sometimes twice daily(!)) heating, straightening and curling tools, all the chemicals in the products and the constant rough and tumble you're putting it through! 

We'd recommend twice or thrice a week to wash your hair. Use dry shampoo at the beginning on your days off to climatise your hair to the change, it'll be tough but you'll get there in the end. THEN you're hair will be able to do what it does best: GROW!



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