5 Simple Perfume Dos and Don'ts

26 June 2013

five simple

  • DO use a variety of fragrances. rings

Different occasions and seasons require different scents. Stick to the basics of fresh and light for summer and warming and lingering for winter - but also think about events, you probably wouldn't want to wear the same scent to a wedding than you would to a funeral. Perfumes create memories and help you remember them, so use this to your advantage. We think a collection of five or six is perfect.

  • DON'T store fragrances under hot lights. lamp

Be it in your bathroom, under your bedside light or on your window sill.  The temperature will alter the top notes, turning them sharper or sourer and sometimes musty. Keep your fragrances in cool places; out of light where possible. Some people go as far as keeping their perfumes in the fridge - but in a cupboard or a dark corner of your room is just fine too. 

  • DO wear a warm fragrance for a first date. love heart

If you want them to remember you, we recommend you choose a spicy scent that holds something like pepper to excite their senses. Also, whether they like it or not, whenever they smell that fragrance again, they'll think of you.  Good work.

  • DON'T wear an overpowering fragrance for a job interview. lp

This may seem like a difficult one to get right - but you know your strong perfumes to your subtle ones. Stick to classic, unfussy smells to really wow your new boss-to-be. You don't want  the first thing they talk about when you leave the room is the fact they all have headaches from your presence. A lovely light touch of floral aromas will be just perfect... and if you remember anything from this point, it's to just spray a FEW times - NOT ten. You think you can't smell it as strong but that's because you're used to it - trust us when we say, people around you can.

  • DO spritz fragrance in your hair. hairbrush

We know what you're thinking: "But surely that makes my hair greasy/sticky/unnatural?" - Wrong! First try spritzing your favourite perfume onto your hairbrush or comb and brush your locks as usual (make sure the brush is clear of built-up hair already in there). This will help the scent to last longer, compared to it quickly rubbing off your skin. If you spray a good arms length away directly onto your hair, there will be no greasy marks, wetness or unnaturalness. Promise! Popping perfume in your barnett also means when moving your head, there'll be a more natural waft of fragrance. Deeeelicious!


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