5 Amazing Tips for Summer Makeup That Won't Ruin in the Heat

28 May 2013

happy model in the sun

Good News: Summer is almost here! 

....But the other news that comes with this, is the fact that we now have to endure the hot weather and humid climate (OK we know this is England but… it’s guaranteed to be true if you’re going abroad on holiday…) – This means your makeup may not always look the freshest and in fact, generally likes to melt off…

The London Perfume Company have come up with FIVE top tips for you in times of need to ensure that in humid-situations, you won’t be caught out with a single sweat-bead or smudgey mascara. Now you really can have a happy holiday! Hooray!

- You’re welcome!

  • sunshine model Use a primer!

This is a relatively new product in the beauty world but professionals have been using it for years. If you’re still not completely clued up on what it is, then think of it as a solid base for your foundation, almost a see-through layer, if you like.. It helps your foundation not only stay in place, but last for so much longer! Much like you use a primer before painting a wall – a face-primer makes your  ‘paint’ stay put!

 summer blog primer

This primer is an absolute dream; it does 3 jobs in one! Massage onto your wet face to cleanse, gently exfoliate and then prime for a moisturiser. At £9 for 150ml you really can’t go wrong.

  • number 2Cream-based products are your best friend!

Blushes, eye-shadows, foundations and even lipsticks – if you can get them in a cream formula, then by all means; do! In all honesty, we would probably leave off any foundation in hot weather and on holiday – but we know some people like to still wear it. We’d suggest a creamy powder for any touch-ups and/or imperfections – it will look so natural and much like a primer, will stay in place in challenging climates.

Powder can get cakey and clumpy: Creams stay smooth and more often than not, repel moisture.

cream1 cream 2 cream3 cream4 

  • 3Waterproof is the safest bet…

Which might sound obvious but people do wonder why their mascara runs or leaves marks on their eyelids when they haven’t even been anywhere near water! Stick to waterproof or even better still, buy Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara Black Waterproof. This is the best formula ever and this stuff does.not.smudge. It’s perfect for summer.

waterproof mascara

  • 4 SPF = Sun Protection Factor. spf products

These days, there’s SPF in most cosmetics but it’s always best just to double check you’re buying the stuff containing it. It will prevent the sun from damaging your spf foundationskin, including creating lines and wrinkles…booo! 

  • 5 Take care of your brows!

Blonde eyebrows can go bleach white in Summer, meaning they’ll almost disappear… make sure you have a pencil on-hand to fill in any gaps. You don’t know what eyebrows do for your face until they disappear! If you’re blessed with naturally quite dark brows, then keep them neat and trimmed and you’ll be set for summer. A good set of neatly primped eyebrows can make such a huge difference to your face-shape!




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