3 Ways to Being Summer Ready

10 May 2013

THREE simple things to do before the sun puts his hat on!... Go on, be a little different this summer.

3 steps to summer



 If you're anything like us then you'll love nail varnish (some may say it's a slight addiction but anyway...) - you know which you love and which you haven't touched in years... This summer why not buy a colour that you never normally would. If you always stick to the safe pinks, why not add a little sparkle? If you're a classic black nail polish wearer, add some bright colour! 

                      dh5h gf



Everybody knows that fragrance evokes memories. This summer why not treat yourself to a new scent so you'll always remember your summer in years to come! You'll have to make sure it's a good one!

try these

                                                ckin2u bb

                                                For Him                                      For Her


Change yer' barnette! It's summer - why not? Dye it a new, daring shade. Curl it for the first time in ages. Chop off those split ends. Have a fresh start! But NEVER neglect it. Treat it to the best - it'll thank you when you're older.

                         hf haircare af


[Some hairstyles we are seriously loving right now: *hair envy*]


               hair 1 hair 2 hair style

So which are you going to do this summer?


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