3 Simple Tips to Avoid Streaky Foundation

19 September 2013

brush skills

If you apply your foundation with your fingers, stop, STOP THAT RIGHT NOW!

Use a small, fluffy foundation brush to apply it - this will create an air-brushed finish. If you're using your fingers, you can risk rubbing it in too much, or too hard, whereas, with a brush, it will sit lightly on your skin. Beauty blenders should only really be used for full coverage - but a little dab around the nose etc is perfect.


use your palm

Use one to three pumps of foundation (at first) onto the palm of your hand that you don't use when holding your foundation brush. [Obviously, make sure your hands are freshly washed & clean].

Swirl your brush into the product and this will ensure you get the perfect amount of coverage

People are quick to pump upto 5 or 6 squirts straight onto their brushes but you'll be surprised at how far 2 or 3 go.. It will look natural and will not look cakey. Give it a go!


circular motions

Dragging your brush against your skin like it's a canvas?! NO! And also, NO! Doing this, you're just asking for streaks and lines - Use circular motions. Circular. 

This approach will gently 'introduce' the product to your skin to help it ease and 'settle' in. It will give a much more even coverage and you're less likely to miss areas doing it this way.



try these

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