3 simple sexy Halloween ideas from top Makeup artists

24 October 2013


Struggling for costume ideas this Halloween?- If you’re looking for a quick and easy solution to a last minute Halloween costume, then you’re at the right place!.... Just follow these few simple steps to find out how you could transform your look using simple products that are already in your makeup bag!




Sexy Black Cat:

Your typical fall-back costume for every woman! Top make-up artist Ashleigh Ciucci quotes “its fool proof”, if you fancy the black cat this Halloween then follow these simple easy steps!

What you will need:

Black waterproof eyeliner pencil, liquid eyeliner pen, Pink lip colour.

  1. Firstly take your black waterproof Eyeliner pencil, draw a dot on your nose and whiskers on your cheeks, three or four evenly spaced apart.
  2. Next you need to take your liquid eyeliner and carefully draw a fine strip along your upper lash line, bring the colour out carefully at the corner, for the cat eye effect.
  3. Finally take some pink lipstick and apply generously.


Extras: if you really want to pull the “sexy cat” look off then you’ll need some black cat ears, and a tail.





Old school Vampire:

There’s going to be a lot of Bella’s and Edward's out there this Halloween, so why not be a bit different by going old school as a traditional Transylvanian Vampire and stand out!

What you will need:

Foundation (one shade lighter than your skin tone), red lipstick, mascara, black pencil for eyebrows.

  1. Apply the light foundation to your face evenly so your skin appears pale and flawless.
  2. Now use the Red lipstick to create blood drips coming out of your mouth whilst covering your lips.
  3. Next take a dark black pencil and fill in your eyebrows, brown  will do just fine as well.
  4. Apply your mascara to the outer half of your eyelashes only, so your eyes appear bold and dark. This allows you to achieve a more exotic look.


Extras: you’re probably going to want a large black cape and a pair of fake fangs to finish the look.






Sexy Witch:

Put down the fake nose and tatty hat, here were going to look at how you can achieve a pretty, attractive witch look!... and yes it is very possible, as long as you follow these steps!...

What you will need:

Foundation (again a few shades lighter), Black liner, dark brown eye shadow, red lipstick, Black waterproof eyeliner pencil.

  1. Firstly apply your foundation to your face making sure it is a few shade lighter than your skin tone to achieve a ghostly look.
  2. Now take your dark black liner and rim the top and bottom lash lines to achieve that Smokey look.
  3. Apply dark brown Eye shadow over the lid and put a little underneath the lashes at the bottom.
  4. Now take the red lipstick and apply.
  5. Witches always have moles and warts, so were going to give it a go. We’re going to use a black eyeliner pencil for this.


Extras:  nice silky witches hat, some sort of black dress and your house hold broom.- which is probably going to be bright blue and made of plastic......









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