3 Amazing Hair Tips

15 May 2013

hair tips

Nevermind trawling through lots of 'tips' on other sites that actually don't work and you wake up with hair like Hagrid - We have 3 easy peasy tips for you...

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wavy hair For easy, natural waves: Put your hair in two pigtails when your hair is HALF dry, then spray them from the ends up with a texturizing spray.

Twist the pigtails into buns and use a the diffuser piece of your hairdryer on them until your hair dries. (If you don't have a diffuser fret not! - simply use your hand to lightly scrunch as you hold your dryer above).

Make sure you let your hair cool for about ten minutes (paint your nails, feed the cat, choose your outfit) then release the buns.

Hey presto! Perfectly, natural waves!


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 If you’re running late and your hair is still wet, (we've all been there!) Just use a paper towel! It soaks up more water than a bath towel, drying your hair faster. 


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Go easy on the shampoo - the more natural oils in your hair the better!

Second day hair is when your hair is at its best - this is our favourite - when all you need is a quick tousle with your fingers, some light back-combing and some excellent hairspray to rock the natural but beautiful bed-head look. 


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