15 Wacky Celebrity Beauty Secrets

19 June 2013

So we were researching into which celebs use what - skincare wise - because let's face it, the majority of them have absolutely amazing skin... We just wanted to know their secret!

We came across 15 rather weird and wonderful things that not just any celebrities, but the high-end stars, do, in order to keep their skin looking young, glowing and flawless.

demi moore

You may be shocked at what you read - don't shoot the messenger!

Jennifer Lopez
 is said to use placenta in her facials to keep her skin young and radiant. - Really?!

To keep her youthful glow Demi Moore has 'leech therapy'! The actress gets into a bath with the slippery little suckers which apparently helps her detox. - Oo errr, sounds interesting.

Victoria Beckham mixes a cocktail of sheep placenta and gold flakes for her facials. The mixture is meant to be absorbed by the skin and in return, it promises to provide collagen - which plumps your skin and fills out lines and imperfections.

Gwyneth Paltrow swears by a  'Snake Venom Facial' to keep her skin looking perfect (and it certainly always looks amazing..). The venom claims to relax muscles and reduce the formation of wrinkles. - We love your skin Gwyneth but we're just not sure about snake venom?!

Mila Kunis has a 'Diamond and Rubies Peel' which is said to create antioxidants and provides a beautiful luminous effect to the skin. - We want that glow!

Jessica Simpson loves her fish pedicures. This phenomenon was popular about two years ago and we tried and tested it. It's where toothless fish are used to remove dead skin cells from the feet. - Tickly and uneffective; sorry Jess!

mila kunis

It recently came to light that Kim Kardashian likes a 'Vampire Facial'. (Sorry what?!) This facial is the process of blood being drawn from the arm so the plasma can be removed and then it's put back into the face with the help of acupuncture needles. It's said to plump up the skin, smoothing out any lines and wrinkles. - Hmmm, sounds scary Kim.

Angelina Jolie is a 'Caviar Facial' obsessive. The high oil content in the fish eggs is said to act as an amazing moisturiser and get rid of wrinkles. - Nice if you can afford it, we think we'd rather eat it...

Teri Hatcher reportedly pours wine into her bath to promote soft, beautiful skin. - and we'd rather drink it..?

Sandra Bullock uses 'Preparation H cream' to help diminish dark circles.

We really aren't surprised that Tom Cruise is a regular user of 'The Nightingale Poo Facial'. (UGH!) The poo claims to reduce wrinkles and promises a refreshing glow. - We're all for a refreshing glow, but, putting that on our face would be serious dedication...

simon cowellOprah is a fan of the anti-aging cream 'SkinMedica' - (sounds nice and normal!).... Which contains human foreskin. (OK this is getting out of hand!...)

Madonna reportedly uses an oxygen machine to keep her skin hydrated, which in turn helps her maintain her youthful-looking skin.

Simon Cowell is also a fan of the oxygen. He reportedly inhales cans of the stuff to hold on to his youthful skin. 

Kylie Minogue uses facials that have bee-venom in. This is said to keep her skin looking luminous. - What's with all the venom?!

Would you try any of these? Let us know!

You could try some normal techniques to keeping your skin looking beautiful, young and radiant - and we know they 100% work! 

try these

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It's also so important to keep a regular cleansing, toning and moisturising routine so your skin it constantly cleaned, plumped and rehydrated. This is the basics to keeping youthful, rejuvinated skin; Gorgeous!



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